april 2015 – UTOPIAn
mais um refresh no nosso hall of fame da calçada da glória…detsa vez com a dedicação do mano UTOPIA…thanks bro!


november 2013 – THE ALLEY inauguration

august 2013 – mag & mar


august 2013 – thetopnotch, atsok
a nice production by Essen’s finest TOP NOTCH together with ATSOK from Lisbon, at our Calligraphy Hall of Fame

may 2013 – brai, nomen, mister & sofles
a great day, a great video, and a great burner by australia’s finest SOLFES and Lisboa’s finest BRAI, NOMEN & MISTER
with special dedication and our thanks to Selina Miles
BRAY | SOFLES | NOMEN | MISTER | Lisbon, Portugal, 2013 from Selina Miles on Vimeo.

may 2013 – teoson
slovenia’s finest visited our lettering hall of fame for the first time…with a nice dedication…word up!

may 2013 – “parizone & argon”
the just writing my name meets event took place at one of our walls…burned by the lisbon boys

march 2013 – “ram, klit & creyz”
the RK sessions took place at one of our walls of fame…witha nice production by the boys…thanks!

february 2013 – “smile, ayer & robô”
lisbon finest…the ONE ART crew…renewed our Unity Hall of Fame…powered b NBQpro…a bomb!

february 2013 – “mopz&swog”
the amsterdam’s finest boyz were in lisbon,and rocked our hall of fame…cool one bros!

january 2013 – “dilk1 & eko”
nothingam’s and maputo’s finest dropped down a burner at our “39×9 hall of fame”

november 2012 – “sofles”
on his short trip through lisbon, and after a nice beer with Ivanski…SOFLES (Ironlak team)…dedicated himself @ our calligraphy hall of fame…thanks m8…word up Lisbon-Melbourne connection!

september 2012 – “kurtz & saldoce”
os amigos KURTZ e SALDOCE dedicaram-se no nosso hall of fame da calçada da glória recentemente.

august 2012 – mopz
MOPZ from amstredam visited our 39×9 hall of fame” in august…cheers M8!

july 2012 – “resk”
RESK from france, was our last visitor @ the “calligraphy hall of fame”…!!!

may 2012 – “assa crew”
the ASSA crew visited ou “Calligraphy Hall of Fame”…

april 2012 – “mats & eore”
another nice dedication…at our “39×9 hall of fame”…by our finish friends mats & eore…

march 2012 – “rekan”
sponsored by ironlak, the fellah rocked our unity hall of fame…

january 2012 – “morta, sawe & pariz”
the two spanish boys joined pariz at ouf lettering hall of fame…thanks!


august 2011 – “tabu & mota”
from cologne to lisbon, brothers TABU & MOTA rocked it fine at our hall of fame…
pure dedicated chain!

july 2011 – “diker (TCR)”
we invited Diker, from the TCR crew…to re-paint our “39×9 wall of fame”, after it was strangely buffed by someone from the city hall…and this is what he gave us:
simply the best piece ever made in the surrounding area…supported by NBQpro

june 2011 – “zoer & morta”

zoer & morta…both from spain, visited us this weekend…and left some nice pieces @ our hall of fame